Condoms, they’re not just for oddly shaped water balloons anymore

Now, if you’ve ever found yourself in the “family planning” section of the drug store, then you know there are a lot more than just one kind of condom. This variety may be a little intimidating at first, but never you worry. The variety is there so that you can find the condom that feels, looks, smells or even tastes best for you and your partner. Some might even make sex feel better than sex without a condom (not to mention a whole lot safer). So buckle up your seatbelts and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times because you’re about to see that the world of condoms is a pretty small world after all.


Don't have an 8 inch penis? Don't use a magnum!

Don't have an 8 inch penis? Don't use a magnum!

Condoms come in many different sizes. But hang on there before you grab those magnums, buddy. If you wear the wrong size condom, it is more likely to slip off during sex. Most regular sized condoms will fit any penis so just stick with them. Some individuals, however, need a different sized condom. If you do go down the larger condom route, just make sure it’s for the right reasons. Wearing a bigger condom will not make your penis any bigger, so check your wishful thinking at the door.


Just one of the many shapes of shaped condoms. This one is called the Pleasure Plus

Just one of the many shapes of shaped condoms. This one is called the Pleasure Plus

If condoms are uncomfortable for you, or tight in some area, then what you may be looking for is a different shaped condom. These wider tip condoms, such as the Inspiral and Pleasure Plus (these are specific brands but most any condom brand makes a wide tip condom), have more room at the head of the condom so there’s not quite so much pressure on the tip of your penis. So when you do the deed, you’ll be feeling whatever you’re putting your penis into, rather than the condom. Many men report that sex with these types of condoms feels a lot closer to sex without condoms. These condoms are also great if you’ve been having issues with condoms falling off during sex. Partners also report a higher level of sensation from these kinds of tips, so that’s another thing to look forward to.


Some condoms have many of these features, such as wide head and textured. Play around and see what works for you.

Some condoms have many of these features, such as wide head and textured. Play around and see what works for you.

When a condom says it’s ribbed or vaguely discribes itself as being for “her pleasure”, it means it’s a textured condom. Some of these condoms have raised ridges (i.e. ribbed) while others have raised studs. Either way, these are designed to create more of a sensation for your partner when you penetrate them. Some people are big fans of this sensation. Others, not so much. Like all of these varieties, it’s really a matter of preference.


It is a sad fact of life that many of us are allergic latex (Allergies are an important thing to ask your partner about beforehand, not only because you should be talking about safter sex options with them anyway, but also because nothing ruins the moment like anaphalactic shock). But never fear, there are still condoms out there for you! These days there are a variety of non-latex condoms out there. For a long time, the only option for people allergic to latex was lambskin condoms. This is unfortunate, considering lambskin condoms prevent neither STI’s nor pregnancy. (They still sell lambskin condoms but be sure to steer clear of them. Besides, they’re made of animal intestines, and who wants that on their junk?) However, in the modern, space age times we live in, we have access to this revolutionary new material called “plastic”. Polyurithane plastic, to be exact. Durex Avanti, Lifestyles Skyn, and Trojan Supra are all made out of this material. There is a slightly (emphasis on slight) higher chance of tearing with these condoms though, so be sure to put some lube on the inside and outside to minimize the chances of that happening.


So many flavors, so little time...

So many flavors, so little time...

Most condoms you find in the store will have some kind of lubrication. This helps to make the condom more comfy and to reduce the chances of tearing. However, the kind of lube that the condom comes with can vary immensely. Some are flavored or scented. Others are warming or cooling. Explore how these different sensations feel by trying these condoms out or by trying warming or cooling lube by yourself while masturbating. You might also opt for an unlubed condom. These are best if you are worried about allergies to lube or you are having sex with a sex toy. Use a condom with a sex toy? I hear you ask. Yup. Using a condom with sex toys prevents bacteria from getting in the toy and makes cleanup five times simpler. In any case, lubes can have adverse reactions to the things in the toy and also it means the toy is even less messy after you’re done. If you do use a lubricated condom, you might want to put a bit of extra lube on both sides to make your experience extra-nice.

And with that, go forth and experiment, everyone!

Yup, it's a glow in the dark condom. Rise and shine everyone!

Yup, it's a glow in the dark condom. Rise and shine everyone!


One Response to “Condoms, they’re not just for oddly shaped water balloons anymore”

  1. i dont have a 8″ penis.but my girth is 5.7 inches,wich means my width is 1.81 inches.i need to use a magnum.magun is more of a girth thing than lengt.standard codoms have a lengt of 7 1/4 inches and a width of 1 3/8 inches.i’m 6.7 inches.regular codom wont fit because of the width.all condoms will fit the lengt.but the width is what matters.regular codoms chokes my penis.Magnum is perfect,just have to roll it down 6.7 inches.8.1 inch lengt of a codoms means yo can roll it up till 8.1 and a little more.

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