For the Love of God, Don’t be Scared!

All too often these days, talk of safer sex (if it happens at all, but that’s a whole other post) is laced with fear tactics. Do this or you’ll get an STI. Take this or you’ll get pregnant. Ogga Booga! You know the basic gist of it.

Cosmically, this is not how it ought to be. You know it, I know it. You’re health teacher from 7th grade who put a condom on a bananna know it (though it’s something they fight to ignore). Sex shouldn’t be scary. Thus, I will make it my mission to make safe sex sexy, not scary. And trust me, it’s possible. I will show you how to get your kinky, freaky self on and how to add safety in ways that can even enhance the mood. And without further ado, my blog!


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